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Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design Ltd

30 King's Bench Street

Tel: 0207 089 2121


  • The main entrance has level access from the street.
  • The main door is side hung and opens outwards onto the street. Please use the intercom to unlock the door and let us know if you would like assistance opening the door.
  • If you require any further assistance accessing our offices, please do not hesitate to contact us directly in advance of your meeting.
  • The office is located on the first floor, and we have an accessibility lift, suitable for wheelchair users and others, to get to all floors.
  • The lift is a fully accessible lift with raised numbers and braille, a voice announces each floor and a chime inside the lift signals that the lift doors are opening.
Accessible toilet
  • There is a fully accessible disabled public toilet for visitors.
  • This can be accessed from the main entrance, there is level access and the route is a minimum of 850mm wide.
  • The direction of transfer into the toilet is to the left.
Emergency evacuation procedures
  • We have emergency evacuation procedures for disabled visitors and those requiring assistance.
  • We have an emergency refuge system and can share details of this prior to your visit if required.
  • We have an emergency voice communication system to assist the orderly evacuation of disabled or mobility impaired people. The system enhances firefighters’ communication during emergencies.