Urban Design

Urban design has long been at the heart of our practice, and we champion the role of creativity within sustainable placemaking – believing that good design has an incredible power to shape the future success of a place.

We pinpoint the defining characteristics of each specific place – uncovering what already makes it great, highlighting where there is room for improvement, and acknowledging potential challenges and constraints. We then devise a detailed plan of how these can be translated into spatial, social, environmental, and economic opportunities that will improve people’s lives. Our work results in the creation of truly people friendly places - somewhere attractive, healthy and happy to live and work, and which invites outside interest and investment.

We drive our expertise into actioning urban repair – finding ways to enhance the most positive characteristics of existing environments, and introducing new ideas to overcome their limitations. Key to this is collaboration and engagement with communities, providing an active education in the design process in order to build a strong sense of identity and renewed pride of place.

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