Gingerbread City 2018

Opinion piece
“Roll up, roll up – your dough and your sleeves – the most magically edible city is coming back to town!” Tibbalds’ Urban Designer Amy Sweeting introduces the crispest, crumbliest architecture event of them all, Gingerbread City. Get ready to dunk.

Now in its third year, Gingerbread City is an annual celebration of place, intended to get people who don’t normally spend much time looking at their environment to think more about the kind of places they live, work and play in, how these are created and how they impact on us all.

Hosted by the Museum of Architecture and masterplanned by Tibbalds, the city sells off its plots to architects, engineers and designers with the aim of connecting the public with architecture in a festive exhibition.

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Each year the city takes on a new, relevant theme, this year’s being: Imagining the Future City. The masterplanning of this year’s city has focussed on creating an inclusive, sociable and sustainable place, with an emphasis on mixing different types of land use to create a compact and vibrant environment.

This year’s plots include a number of skyscraper buildings that will experiment with the optimum design of skyline clusters, floating architecture, a multi-level public park and a contemporary expo pavilion. Urban agriculture and green roofs have been encouraged wherever possible, improving the sustainability of the city and opportunities for inner city food production, a key component in future city design. The buildings throughout this year’s Gingerbread City will be forward thinking and experimental with new architectural styles, materials and modern construction methods.

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This year the exhibition will be held in the V&A Museum, from 8th December 2018 – 6th January 2019. The full masterplan and plot details can be viewed at