Gillingham Town Centre Masterplan

Bringing the life back into town

Medway Council commissioned Tibbalds to devise a masterplan and delivery strategy for Gillingham town centre. The aim was to inform the strategy and delivery of the new Local Plan, advise on appropriate approaches to development, assess the development potential of identified opportunities within the town centre, and prepare a delivery strategy to support opportunities.

Project Deliverables:
Masterplan document
Medway Council
The Retail Group, Citicentric
Medway Council, Kent
Masterplan document underwent public consultation in early 2020

Gillingham town centre is the most recent of the Medway towns, emerging out of the expansion of Chatham Docks in the mid 19th Century.

Medway Council commissioned Gillingham masterplan alongside others for Strood and Chatham.

Gillingham’s growth and the town centre’s location gives it a local focus, and the greater emphasis and attraction of the activities on the river, alongside the major transport movement on the A2, has meant that it’s always competing with other locations. Unlike Chatham and Rochester, the centre is away from significant vehicular movement and disassociated from the river, and disadvantaged because of this.

Tibbalds’ work concluded that there were few development opportunities within the town outside of the Council’s ownership, but there the local plan could take action on the status of the primary shopping area, the extent of the town centre boundary and the connections along the main High Street that could change the perception of the town. In addition, the proximity of the university, the presence of passionate local traders and a regular market also offered opportunities to strengthen the town’s offer and its appeal.

The masterplan document forms part of the evidence base for the review of the Medway Local Plan. It underwent public consultation in early 2020.

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