North East Enfield Area Action Plan

Developing an Area Action Plan for an area facing many challenges

Tibbalds was appointed by the Council to produce an Area Action Plan (AAP) for North East Enfield. We developed a focussed approach to the extensive area covered by the AAP to ensure that it is capable of delivering meaningful change by targeting projects within key ‘character areas’ with clear policies tailored to the specific needs of the area.

Project Deliverables:
Area Action Plan for North East Enfield
London Borough of Enfield
Peter Brett Associates, AspinallVerdi
North East Enfield, London

The AAP includes a comprehensive delivery strategy that prioritises projects, identifies potential funding streams, and clearly defines responsibilities for implementation

North East Enfield is an area facing many challenges: its population is amongst the most deprived in the UK; the quality of the environment is generally low; access by public transport is poor; and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists is restricted by two major north-south railways lines and the busy A10 and A1010.

However, it has some significant assets: the Brimsdown Industrial Area is London’s second largest industrial estate; the attractive Lee Valley Regional Park lies partly within the area’s eastern boundary; and there are advanced plans for the regeneration of a key housing estate.

The focussed approach to the AAP included reviewing existing industrial estates and recommending how they could be improved to provide higher quality employment.

One key development site is Ponders End Waterfront, which provides an opportunity for new development and the improvement of links between the wider area and Lee Valley Regional Park. Together with AspinallVerdi, we tested a number of development options to help inform the Council’s decision-making on the future of the site and to support AAP policy.

The AAP was formally adopted June 2016.

Core Team

Below are some of the key people that worked on this project.

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    Jane Dann
    Senior Consultant
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