South Norfolk Place-Making Guide

Improving the quality of new development in South Norfolk

Tibbalds was appointed to prepare a Place-Making Guide for South Norfolk. The primary purpose of the guide is to improve the quality of design and layout of new development in South Norfolk.

Project Deliverables:
Place-Making Guide
South Norfolk Council
South Norfolk
Adopted by South Norfolk Council as a Supplementary Planning Document

Collaboration was fundamental to the guide - bringing Tibbalds' expertise in characterisation and design guidance together with officers' in-depth knowledge and illustrations of local character.

The South Norfolk Place-Making Guide sets out:

  • the expectations the Council has for the quality, design and overall character of new development;
  • how the council interpret policies of the adopted Joint Core Strategy; and
  • how design will be taken into account by decision makers on planning applications.

The interactive format of the guide makes it a practical tool for developers and their architects as well as the Council’s development management team. The design guide is applicable to all new development and is written for applicants, agents and developers formulating design proposals and will help to interpret against Building for Life criteria encompassed within the Council’s Joint Core Strategy. For each of the Building for Life criteria, the guide summarises why it is important, the key design principles, possible evidence and how it will be evaluated.

Tibbalds worked closely and collaboratively with officers of South Norfolk to ensure that the guide is place specific and draws out the distinct characteristics of South Norfolk. The process involved a number of stakeholder and member workshops.

Download and view the Place-Making Guide.


  • National Urban Design Awards 2013, Shortlisted, Public Sector category

Core Team

Below are some of the key people that worked on this project.

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    Jane Dann
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    Katja Stille
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