St Peter Port Regeneration Areas Development Framework

Promoting positive regeneration for a more vibrant St Peter Port

Tibbalds led a multidisciplinary consultant team appointed to look at three Regeneration Areas in St Peter Port, Guernsey: Lower Pollet, to the north of the main centre; South Esplanade and Mignot Plateau to the south of the main centre, and Mansell Street/Le Bordage, to the south west of the main centre.

Project deliverables
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St Peter Port, Guernsey
Development Framework approved November 2021

It’s really good to have reached this milestone for looking at how we regenerate these key parts of St. Peter Port. Now that this Development Framework is complete it will be the springboard for revitalising the jewel in the Bailiwick’s crown.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache
President of the Policy & Resources Committee

The purpose of the Development Framework is to provide planning guidance for these Regeneration Areas, setting out a vision and guidance for each of them individually and a vision and areas of focus for them all, highlighting what they can contribute together as three key areas on the edge of the main centre.

The aim of the work is to deliver positive regeneration and to drive investment so that St Peter Port continues to be a vibrant and attractive place to work, live, visit and spend time.

The overall objectives of the Development Framework include:

  • Improved pedestrian experience into and through St Peter Port and to support active and sustainable travel opportunities;
  • A range of high quality public open space destinations which feel safe, are attractive, comfortable to spend time in, offer play and recreation opportunities, and can support community events;
  • Supporting investment in retail, business, workplace, community and health;
  • Highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability and the need for a robust approach to climate resilience;
  • Expanding above ground floor activities and uses, such as town centre living to increase footfall and the range of activities further into evenings and weekends and to maximise the potential for positive change; and
  • Using case studies from elsewhere that demonstrate what can be achieved.

The Development Framework also sets out key development opportunities for sites, spaces and the public realm and sets out both an area specific vision and guidance for what can be achieved so there is greater clarity on the kind of improvements being targeted.

During the process of drafting the document two extensive rounds of consultation were carried out, with members of the public and stakeholders invited to in-person and online events and encouraged to provide feedback on emerging work. Feedback was carefully considered and helped to shape the final document.

Core Team

Below are some of the key people that worked on this project.

  • Portrait of Augusta Grey
    Augusta Grey
    Senior Urban Designer
Portrait of Hilary Satchwell

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